Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ate Up With Dumb

 I had to search "Street Slang" to find an expression strong enough to express my anger over the stupidity of our Federal Government. And I think that one comes pretty close.

Linda and I filed our 1014 taxes today. We always like to do it early in case we have have a little bit of money coming back to us (we didn't) and to get all that paperwork the Hell out of the way.

I consider myself a pretty even person, but honestly, tax time is the one time of the year that for at least several days in March, I am certifiably  BAT GUANO CRAZY!

I'm working on my problem. For example I try to think positively by concentrating on of some of the GOOD things the government does with the money it takes from me.

For example:

$171,000 To Study How Monkeys Gamble

$856,000 To Film Mountain Lions Running On Treadmills

$378,000 Synchronized Swimming For Sea Monkeys

Ready for his massage
$50,000 For Swedish Massages For Bunnies

$325,000 For the National Science Foundation

Robotic Squirrel (Left)
to develop a robotic squirrel to observe how rattlesnakes react

$800,000 SPENT BY NIH 

Well finally, I thought I'd found something that would make me feel better about giving my money to Uncle Sam.  After all, we had (and are still having) that awful Ebola scare, and that takes money to fight. And I'm personally real anxious for the National Institutes of Health to find a cure for it, especially since those infected patients are being brought to the nearby Maryland NIH facility for treatment...

where my next door neighbor, the Doctor, works.


That particular $800,000 was not spent on Ebola.  Not even on looking for the common cold.

Noooooooo.......it was spent to make a video game about FOOD FIGHTS! 

Vegetable arguments between parents and their children!



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