Sunday, March 08, 2015

Space Update

 I was hoping to have the answer by now to the question, "What are those 2 mysterious lights on the "Dwarf Planet Ceres?"
Well, after traveling more than seven years, NASA now says that their DAWN spacecraft is in orbit around Ceres...but wouldn't you know's cameras are facing the wrong we'll have to wait a little longer to get a close up of those wierd lights.  Hopefully, not another 7 years though.

Unless, of course, they discover that there are two little green men pointing flashlights at us, then it might take that long to think up a good explanation for that.

NASA promises to make some kind of announcement "in a few weeks."

Meanwhile, according to the Associated Press, 

Parkes Radio Telescope
"A mystery ‘alien’ radio signal from space has been captured ‘live’ for the first time by radio dishes here on Earth – but the source is still unknown.
Astronomers have speculated the signals could come from evaporating black holes, or even from distant alien civilizations.
The high-energy radio bursts last for just a few milliseconds, but their sources are thought to emit as much energy in that time as the Sun does in an entire day.
The source of the signal captured by CSIRO’s Parkes radio telescope in Australia could be as distant as 5.5 billion light years away.
‘Fast radio bursts’ last for mere milliseconds, and were first discovered in 2007 – but no scientists have ever intercepted one happening ‘live’ before.
The new discovery brings us a step closer to understanding the phenomenon.
Lasting only milliseconds, the first such radio burst was discovered in 2007 by astronomers combing the Parkes data archive for unrelated objects.
Six more bursts, apparently from outside our galaxy, have now been found with Parkes and a seventh with the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico.
‘These bursts were generally discovered weeks or months or even more than a decade after they happened! We’re the first to catch one in real time,’ said Emily Petroff, a PhD candidate."

Darn, things are happening so fast...I'm still trying to figure out who moved the rock...captured by the Rover that took these pictures some time ago.

The Martian self-materializing rock

Stay tuned.

And stay safe.

I am.