Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ceres Update

Looks like we'll have to wait another few days before we get more information about our friend the dwarf planet Ceres.

Although the DAWN spacecraft has gotten close enough to get a lot more information about Ceres...which they originally thought would offer an explanation of those 2 "shiny lights" on the otherwise dark ball in the sky, the "closer and better" photos only posed more questions.

Apparently no "little green men" showed up in any of them, but they did reveal more "bright lights"...perhaps 5 or 10.

There are suggestions that NASA is "witholding information" and some say that the information is "so big" that it needs to be "handled carefullly."

The next "update" from NASA will be on April 23rd.

My guess is that NASA will say that the "bright lights" up there are simply "weather balloons."

They are hoping that delaying the announcement another week will give them time to think up an explanation as to how the balloons got up there.

As perhaps the oldest active member of the Washington area "press corpse,'  I've already been given an advance copy of what NASA's release will show that they found.

To see it......scroll down