Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Sink Sandwiches

As soon as the first signs of Spring begin popping up, my mind automatically turns to thoughts of....Homegrown Tomatoes!

They don't start showing up here in Virginia til about mid July, so we still have a ways to go, but when they arrive.......GANGBUSTERS!

It marks the beginning of the "SINK SANDWICH SEASON!"

To be an official Sink Sandwich, all you really need are juicy homegrown tomatoes, lots of Mayonnaise (Dukes preferably) and sliced white bread,

And, of course a sink; over with which to eat  (Ain't a college edumacation wonderful!)

Short sleeved shirts are advisable, as the juice from the tomatoes tend to run down to your elbows and drip into the sink.  Hence the name.

Ludlow Porch, author of "The Fat White Guy's Cookbook" says that "it is perfectly proper to make soft, low moaning sounds during the few seconds it takes to devour this delicacy."

Almost any sandwich can become a "sink sandwich" as long as you add on slices of juicy fresh homegrown tomatoes.  The ham sandwich is

America's most popular one, followed by the BLT, although it wasn't until after World War 2 that it became popular (because of the rapid expansion of supermarkets, which allowed the ingredients to be available year-round.)  And as far as anyone knows, the Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich was never called simply by its initials until around 1958 when a Hellman's mayonnaise commercial did so.

According to the Internet, the BLT season is associated with the increase price of "pork bellies," which they say are processed into bacon.

Personally, I plan to top off my sink sandwiches with either a fried green tomato (slice a tomato that has just barely begun to show a little "red," sprinkle with flour (or cornmeal), fry in butter or oil, salt and eat.