Saturday, May 09, 2015

Special Guest Writer Ludlow Porch

Ludlow's Peanuts in a Co-Cola
By Ludlow Porch   (Taken Stolen from his book, The Fat White Guy's Cookbook)

In order to really enjoy peanuts in a Co-Cola it's necessary that you have them in a country store somewhere in the deep South. Once inside the store, find the drink box, reach down in that freezing cold water, and feel around until you find the unmistakable shape of a 6 ounce Co-Cola. (In certain backward sections of America it's pronounced Coca-Cola.)

Once you've opened it, look around the store until you find the penny peanut machine. You remember, the one with the glass globe, full to the brim with those red, salted Spanish peanuts.  No other kind of peanut will do.
 You'll need at least 2 cents worth, although three cents worth would be better.

Before you put the nuts in the bottle, take a big drink; this will allow room enough for the peanuts. Add the nuts and enjoy this mid-afternoon treat. When all the drink is gone you will still have three peanuts stuck to the bottom of the bottle.

To get the last few nuts, hold the bottle in your left hand, put the bottle to your lips, and raise the bottle until it's pointing straight up.  Take your right hand and gently tap the bottom of the bottle until the peanuts fall in your mouth.

Put the empty bottle in the wooden crate next to the drink box, give the man a nickle for the drink, go outside and get on your bike and ride home.

-Larry Porch

Ludlow Porch
This is undoubtedly the absolute, unchallengeable gold standard of recipes for that Southern delicacy "Peanuts in Coke."  

Ludlow's real name, Bobby Crawford Hanson, was a much loved talk show host and author in Atlanta, Georgia  for  over 30 years. I attempted to contact him for permission to reprint his recipe.

Unfortunately I learned that he had passed away 2 years ago.
Since I'm too old to fool around with legal stuff, do me a favor and buy one of his books, such as "The Fat White Guy's Cookbook," or "Who Cares about Apathy."

Maybe that will discourage some smart ---  lawyer from his publishing company  from sueing CHS54  and taking a big chunk of our enormous profits that we made from this website over all these years.