Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Another Merger

That's what Jerry Gaudet titled his email blast that he sent around today.

The happy couple is/are:

 Betty Barnes and Jimmy Weller! 

Email from Jerry:
We've had another class (CHS'54) merger!  Congratulations to Betty Barnes Walpole and Jim Weller who are now Mr. and Mrs. Jim Weller.

Email from Betty: 

...Jimmy Weller and I were married in April with all of our children and grandchildren present Jimmy has moved to my home in Spartanburg and we are settling in. We thought the     
Friends from Central would like to know. We could not be happier!!

I'm especially happy for that good news because they are both great people!

Sidewalk in front of 2333 E 5th St.
We've all known them both from our days at old CHS, but I've known Jimmy since I first saw him riding down East 5th Street full of confidence and sass (whatever that was, but that's what people used to say back then).....

on his tricycle!

We were 3, maybe 4 years old at most.

I was a little gun shy about saying anything to him, because this was shortly after my first conversation with Bert, the mean kid across the street whose only words to me were that he was going to kill me.

But Jimmy turned out to be different. He even smiled, and asked me if I'd like to take a spin on his tricycle. We've been friends ever since.

"We've got them just where we want them, Tonto!"
Good friends, of course, only tell the good stories about each other, so neither one of us has every
told anyone about the time I was over at his house listening to the Lone Ranger on the Weller's big Philco radio and Jimmy happened to mention that he had found a bottle of something called, his Dad's closet.

Well, we tried it, and.......

The Lone Ranger never sounded so good!