Tuesday, June 23, 2015

But Wait, There's More...

Sounds like a commercial on late night television, but it's not....it's my translation of the latest NASA update on our friend, the dwarf planet CERES.

The Dawn probe is  in its second orbit now and is only 2,900 miles from the surface of CERES....and the latest photographs show not only more strange "lights," but a PYR AMID.

Well, not the kind the Egyptions built, but a PYRAMID shaped object...like a mountain popping out of a flat surface.  Three miles or so high.  Plus more lights.

"Ceres’ story is only going to get more interesting. Dawn will continue to orbit 2,700 miles above the dwarf planet’s surface until June 30. Then, it will edge even closer, entering orbit at an altitude of 900 miles sometime in August.
When that time comes, it’s safe to say another strange chapter will be added to the book of Ceres."
The SCIENCE DEPT here at CHS54 will continue to keep you up to date on CERES.