Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Household Words

William Shakespeare
ED: How many times did you quote Shakespeare today?
Two, three, four?
My guess is...at least three times.

READER: "Well, Ed, your time for the HOME has finally arrived. You've obviously forgotten that we're all plain old down home folks, like you, and have never gone around trying to impress anybody by quoting Shakespeare. We just speak in plain common household words. Now, all of a sudden, you start talking nonsense....for no rhyme nor reason you claim we go around quoting Shakespeare?  What a sorry sight to observe the sea change in your mental processes. It's high time to get you some help!"

ED: You have just quoted Shakespeare SIX TIMES.

READER:  OK, OK..... Something is rotten in the State of Denmark. The game is up.  What the Hell are you talking about?

ED:  You just did it again. Twice.
I came across a site on the Internet that listed all of the common sayings and cliches that we use in our every day conversations that originated (or were popularized by) with William Shakespeare. It's amazing.

Take a look:

Shakespeare's phrases grouped by play:

Full list of Shakesperian phrases:

Woe is me

What a piece of work this man was!