Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On the go...

I hadn't heard from our my old friend Don Nance lately, so I emailed him a note asking, "What's new?"

As Jack Benny used to say...."Well.........."  (It's impossible to write it.....like Benny used to say it.....but we "cronologically gifted" know.)

Don's reply:

"We have been on the go. On Memorial Day I sang at Lincoln Center in New

York. I was a part of a choir of 269 members. We sang "Requiem" by  Mark
Hays. Hays was the director the concert. 

Lincoln Center Concert  Memorial Day 2015

On June 13th., I did the wedding
for my oldest grandson Nathan. After the wedding Letty and I went to the beach for a few days. This past week-end we went to a baby show
for Charlotte . She will have our seventh grandson on July third.   His name is
Tristan. Jackson named him.

Tomorrow  night the Wytheville Community Choir
will sing at Chautauqua in the park. I will be singing a solo, "He Touched

On July 18th I will be performing the wedding for my great niece in
Fredrick, MD.  After the wedding I am plan to come by and have lunch the you
and Linda. I have made strawberry jam and I am now making blueberry jam. I
am planning to bring you a sample.

  With all that we have been doing, I am ready for August and all the great
memories of the past.

Don "

What Don is alluding to is our annual 2 man "Cotton Mouth" olympics...during which Don and I compete (preferably in 95 degree heat)..the thrills of the 1951-53 August morning and afternoon football practices, such as wind sprints, running around a quarter mile track several times and numerous "push ups" between events. 

The winner is determined by which one of us is the last one to be picked up by the Rescue Squad.