Sunday, July 26, 2015

Picture of the Week

OFrom Bob Ellis:

"This is my grandaughter with my 5 great-grandkids.   She is smiling because none of them are hers. "   -Bob

Like most Julys...this one has been hot...and slow. The days, especially, the scorching and humid ones seem to go on forever.  I now know first hand why the weather bureau advises chrononologically gifted people like us to stay inside.

Of course, there are those hearty souls who ignore advice like that and continue to "go, go, go."

Letty and Don Nance

Such as the reverend Don and Letty Nance who "blessed" us with a luncetime visit last Sunday. (Notice how I begin to talk like a preacher when I'm around one.) 

Anyway, Don brought with him a couple of jars of his "heavenly" homemade jelly that I simply can't get enough of!

Tristan Alexander
I noticed that the smiles never left Don and Letty's faces during their entire visit....undoubtedly the result of their newest grandchild, Tristan Alexander (their daughter Charlotte's baby and Jackson's brother.)