Sunday, August 30, 2015

Did You Hear the One About...

Bathing Suit 1910
I don't get asked much anymore, but whenever I attend a gathering at which I'm introduced and expected to "say a few words," it's been my habit to open with  something mildly humorous. That seems to "break the ice" for the group AND me.
 That always seemed to work.

Until yesterday.

The event was a neighborhood "swim" party to welcome all of the new families who had recently moved in.  It was a fairly good size group. When I was introduced to the crowd, I told them how happy we "old time original owners" were to have them as neighbors.........etc........but I wouldn't be able to join them in the swimming pool.....because I just discovered that morning that my swimming trunks had a hole in the knee.

Then, silence.

My "break the ice" bit of levity had fallen flat.

Whenever that happens, I just want to go hide under my bed and for at least the rest of the day I kick myself for not taking my wife's advice and use every opportunity that comes along to JUST SHUT UP.

Oh well.

It's an old, old joke, but I still think it's funny.  However, maybe the reason it fell so flat with the crowd of young families, is that they have no idea that men's bathing suits in the early 1900's came down almost to their ankles.

And then again, maybe it's just time to retire that joke.

I know a real funny one about a velocipede