Monday, August 24, 2015

It's that time of year again...

Sarah Lynn Black

From at least the second grade on...whenever that number 6 Elizabeth bus I was riding up town would start down Elizabeth Avenue toward Central High, my eyes were glued to the right hoping to see that exciting billboard with the Wildcat's football schedule on it. I forget when exactly the new schedule was posted each year, but I think it was sometime in early summer.

Whenever it was, it got my heart beating faster imagining what the upcoming season would be like.

That was my very favorite billboard.

Last time I was in Charlotte, I looked for that billboard and noticed something slightly similar was there, but, of course it had nothing to do with Football.

But to this day, I think of that billboard whenever the pigskin season approaches.  I think perhaps because for so many of my impressionable years, the appearance of that sign was, to me, the harbinger of the approach of my favorite time of the year, football season!

The falling leaves, and cooler temperatures and all are nice...but, to me, the four seasons are Winter, Spring, Summer and Football!


PS....This is my favorite picture of that iconic Billboard. There's something about it that makes it simply unforgetable!   Hummmmm....