Wednesday, August 26, 2015

LDL Report

By Jerry Gaudet

Some folks make a mighty effort to get to "LDL" gatherings.  With great help from his son Donnie, "Pookie" Conder rolled in to be with us and seemed to enjoy being with classmates.  Though "Pookie" can no longer speak, he can certainly communicate with his eyes and laughter.

Jim ("Pookie" and Don Conder
We are told "Pookie" suffered a stroke in 1989.  He was 53 at the time.  Son Donnie shares that prior to that he was an entrepreneur with interest all over the board.  Commercial Fisherman (shrimp), Bait and Tackle Shop in Beaufort, SC.  Owned a Restaurant (Steak and Seafood), A Fence Company and too many others things of interest to list.  His stroke was traced to a blocked artery.  He's resided in four different Assisted Living Facilities.  Each of his moves has been due changes in facility policies or moving him closer to Donnie. He's loved wherever he goes.  The present facility has over eighty women who pick at him...probably why he smiles a lot. 

Here's "Pookie's" contact information.  Get a card off to him, won't you?
James Thomas Conder
c/o Concord Place
2452 Rock Hill Church Rd.
Concord NC 28027

Or, an email can be sent to him by way of Donnie:

Or, you can contact "Pookie's" son at:
Don Conder
200 North Moose Rd.
Mt. Pleasant NC 28224
Telephone 980/722-7313