Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mouse Travel

I had pleasant drive around Charlotte the other day, sitting here at my computer thanks, of course to Google Earth. When I take these virtual tours,  I always stop by the old CHS building to make sure the powers that be in Charlotte these days haven't embarked on another one of those"Renewal Projects," like they did back in the 60's, which Mary Kratt called their "Removal Project."
The town actually looks pretty good!  I "drove" around back of that grand old CHS building to see if I could figure where the field house used to be and noticed a "sick"looking, tree... is standing there now, which only confirmed my suspicion that
 nothing would ever grow well in the same spot where that
that foul smelling,
structure once stood.

I also noticed the name "Central High School" is still on the back of the building.  Or is that my imagination?

Sorry to see that almost all those great old houses on Elizabeth Avenue are torn down....but, progress.......?.......I guess.

I didn't see any "street theatre" scenes.....such as those that have shown up in other Google Earth shots.