Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Ever Happened to

Pete Toomey
The late Pete Toomey, an old friend I knew from my WGIV days in the early 50s, made a tape recording of what he remembered about the history of that station. He stayed in contact with Bill Lineburger, the long time chief engineer of Charlotte's first "independent" station.

On that tape he mentioned a name that I heard many stories about, but never met. Since he was mentioned by so many in the broadcast business, I figured that our paths would cross eventually.

But they never did.

I never forgot his name though...and some of the stories about him.

But since my retirement, almost 2 years ago, I have time to do a lot of things I never found the time to do.  One of which is searching on the Internet.

However, I have come up with NOTHING but dead ends in my search for the legendary...CONRAD PHILLIPS.

All I know is that he was a great football player...for Central High before WW2...fought in that great war, losing both feet in the process, returned to Charlotte and was hired as a DJ for WGIV and attended Charlotte College......

Walter Cronkite and Julian Barber
My friend the late Julian Barber and he were good friends and Julian once told me a story about

It seems that he and Julian were going somewhere and they came upon a bunch of young boys playing football.  Conrad decided to coach them a little on the finer points of "passing" and "punting" the football.

The kids watched spellbound as he showed them exactly how to grip the football...and how to "lead" a receiver, etc.

They were in complete awe as this ex-football star began explaining the finer points of "punting;" how to grip it with the laces up and arms fully extended....then two steps and drop the ball....and KICK!

As his foot met the ball.....the perfect spiral sailed high in the air.

And so did his prosthetic foot!

Julian said he never saw a bunch of scared kids run home so fast!

So, if any of you know anything about CONRAD PHILLIPS......let me know.