Monday, September 21, 2015

and speaking of Whippersnappers...

...our friends in the class below us, also known as the class of '55,  lost their great website, when their webmaster, Len Phillips died suddenly.  Len was a great broadcaster who was founder and owner of a very successful radio station. Len and I had some terrific  conversations back in our CHS days about each of our ambitions and aspirations in Broadcasting.  He was a good man.

Frank Clontz
Unfortunately, the 55 website information such as codes and passwords, etc. were lost when Len passed away.  Frank Clontz has picked up the mantle and is doing all the reporting and writing and I'm doing the simple stuff by posting it on the Internet.

At the risk of having you compare Frank's top notch "newsy" offering with this almost "newsless" one, I recommend that you check it out regularly.  The address is

I'm sure you'll remember most of the great "youngsters"  featured on Frank's site, this month....such as...

Walter Mills

Go take a look!

The address again: