Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Inner Artist (Continued)

"Life is Wired"
So, Eat your hearts out Mark and Al, there's a new guy in town....ME!

AND, I'm going to tell the thousands of CHS54 website readers how to get in on the action too!

Find a bunch of your old photographs (the kind we all used to take with a film camera) and search for the prints that hopefully you didn't throw away. Every roll we used to get back from the Drug Store included 2 or 3
"The Colors of Our Moods"
frames at the beginning of the roll that the Drug Store's developing machine printed that were simply part of the winding of the film into the camera.  Hopefully you didn't throw them away...because these are the non-sensical, funky images that the art world loves!

That's how my "classics" happened.

Except for the "Circle of Life."  That happened when my flash didn't go off.

Anything that doesn't make any sense to you, will probably be considered a masterpiece by the art world, so go for it!

Give them a high faluting, ethereal name...and VOILA!...the money should start rolling in.  As Andy Warhol himself said, "Art is whatever you can get away with."