Thursday, September 10, 2015

Roving Reporter

Don Nance drove down to the LDL this week and snapped a couple of photos for our website...which is much appreciated by us "out of towners" who can't make it to the luncheons.

Later, it was "on to Tennesee!"

Letty, Ellouise, and Don

Letty and I visited with Ellouise yesterday at the Mary  B. Martin Storytelling Hall in Jonesborough, TN.  We were privileged to hear her story of the “Hello Girls,” the brave women who served in France during WWI as switchboard operators.  

She told the stories from the prospective of three of the these daring girls serving in different regions of France.  At the end of the war they were ignored, not recognized for their military service with medals or benefits until 1977.  Most of them were dead by then.  It was a story that needs to be told and heard.  

Ellouise had obviously spent much time in research and relayed the truth  with passion and humor.  “Hello Girls” is not yet on CD, but you have got to hear it when it comes out.


Great job, Don!

The Bored of Directors here at CHS54 corporate headquarters chose Don as our ROVING REPORTER because of his and Letty's almost constant "go, go, go" lifestyle.

I wish I had that kind of energy!