Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Young Whippersnappers

Gabby Hayes
If Gabby Hayes were still alive (he died in 1969) and I happened to meet him, I could rightfully say, "Hello there, you young whippersnapper."
He was around 50 years old when those Westerns were made.

Pretty depressing, ain't it.

Watching Gabby with Gene Autry and Roy Rogers on that big screen at the Visualite Theatre were among my happiest childhood memories. Even the long walks to the "picture show" were often full of adventure and obstacles such as the fierce bull who grazed in the pasture behind the Belk Mansion at the corner of 5th and Hawthorne Lane; and the time Jimmy Weller found some strange looking "balloons" in his Daddy's bedroom dresser drawer, and we blew them up, of course and received an awful lot of attention from passing cars that morning.

The "bull" turned out to be a cow, but when, years later, I passed the adventures on to my children, it remained a "bull."

I left out the balloon story.

I was such a fan of "Cowboy Movies" of the 1940's I believe that  if Hollywood ever decides to produce them again, I would be the perfect choice for chief consultant.  However, I would have to turn the offer down since it would obviously interrupt my nap schedule. But I will offer one "tip" if someone does decide to  produce any "New Old Cowboy Movies;"  for the "Gabby Hayes" role....
Burt Reynolds

I suggest Burt Reynolds.


Yer durn tooting!