Thursday, October 01, 2015

My Inner Artist

In case you missed it, the art world is all atwitter because of Sotheby's  latest auction.  As usual, record prices were paid. To the best of my knowledge I don't ever remember an art auction where "record prices" were NOT paid.

Three of the top sellers were:

"Yellow on Blue" by Mark Rothko...which sold for 48 Million Dollars.

"Yellow on Blue"

Some of Marks other "masterpieces" are  "Red and Blue," "Brown and Black," etc.  His most famous paintng, was "Orange  and Yellow," which sold for $87 million dollars!

"Orange and Yellow"

Alberto Giacometti's bronze sculpture "Pointng Man" sold for 148 million dollars. which exceeded the record breaking price of 27.8 million dollars paid a couple of years ago for his "Walking Man."

"Pointng Man"  by Giacometti

Walking Man

I've decided that it's way past `time for me to get in on this rac....... game!

I realized last night while going through a box of old pictures, taken with the now forgotten film camera (remember Kodak?) that I've had an artistic talent lurking deep inside me that I never realized I had!  It's amazing how just reading about a Sotheby's auction brought out my "inner artist!"

Anyway, after going through only a couple of boxes of old photographs and negatives, a number of obvious "classics" popped right up.  I'm sure you'll agree that these prize winners will make struggling artists everywhere want to turn in their berets!

"Going Forward"

Circle of Life"

"In the Beginning"