Sunday, October 11, 2015

No "Party School" for This Kid

By Obie Oakley

Classmate Robert Clark, aka RL, and I stay in touch regularly via the internet and although we've not seen each other but about 3 times since graduation, I feel as though we are pretty good buddies...still (Even though he has two strikes against him.  First, he's a Dookie and on top of that, he is a Marine)!

Cadets at the Citadel
 Recently RL mentioned that his grandson, Clark, was interested in attending The Citadel, my alma mater, and wanted to know if I would help him with the admission process.  Well, that was a dumb question  for helping friends is what it is all about so we arranged a meeting for the three of us to get together, somewhere in the middle which happened to be Brevard, NC.  RL drove 3 /12 hours in from Tennessee, his grandson's trip was about 3 hours and I was lucky enough to just drive down the hill about an hour.
Obie               Clark                 R.L.

After meeting him, there was no question but that I will do everything I can do to "recruit"
this young man.  He radiated self confidence, a quest for knowledge and an attitude that will help him go a long way in life, whatever he chooses to do.  Hopefully he will enroll as a freshman Cadet next fall.  What an asset he will be to the school.