Monday, October 26, 2015

Obwandiyag Would be Proud

Got this email from Don Nance the other day:

Walt, The car is coming along. Donnie and Tommy put the brakes on the car, and were driving it yesterday. Don

"Coming along?"  What an understatement!

1952 Poniac Chieftain by Donnie and Tommy Nance

Look at the progress Dons' sons have made on that 1952 "piece of junk" he picked up about 20 years ago for two or three dollars. 
A car  restored that well, could easily sell for over $50,000!

It originally was a 1952 Pontiac Chieftain...just like my Dad's car that Don and I drove around trying to look like "big shots" thinking we were impressing the girls.  (We weren't.) 

But we sure had fun thinking big.

I can't wait to see it in person!

But I don't think it can possibly be more authentic...just like that Pontiac of old....unless I open it up, get in...and the radio is tuned to Kilgo's Korner....and there's a little sticker on the bottom right of the back this....

Now, about that "Walt"  name thing,  on the first day of our 5th grade, the teacher called the role and happened to call me by my first name, which is Walter. I corrected her later, but Don liked that name better than retaliation, I started calling him by the name of a cartoon character named "Rosco", 70 years later.....
Chieftain Hood Ornament

And speaking of names, Obwandiyag is the 
name of the Indian whose likeness rode on the hood of those Pontiac Chieftain's.

Oh, he also had a nickname;