Friday, October 23, 2015

Sad News for a "Joy Boy"

It never crossed my mind that I would be adding to our Prayer List 

so soon, but a dear friend of mine up here in the Washington area 
got this bad news only a couple of days ago:

"The latest news is not good.  The doctors have told Ed that the mass they discovered in his bladder is cancer and not operable."

Ed Walker is his name and those of you outside this part of the 

country probably don't know him, but he's very well known 
Ed Walker
here...rather famous in fact
having been in radio...maybe 
even longer than I was...65 or 
perhaps even 70 years.
A few years ago he was 
inducted into the RADIO 
HALL of FAME...along with 
his partner for  
many years, Willard Scott...of NBC Weatherman Fame. 

The two of them did a very popular local show up here in the

50's and 60's that local people still talk about!
They called themselves THE JOY BOYS....
and made up little skits, almost on the spot, four or five times a 
night on their 5 days a week un-rehearsed DJ show:

The Lone Arranger

Betty Crockett

If you have the time, (it's about 6 minutes long) I believe you'll enjoy 

this video of Ed and Willard's final JOY
BOYS show in 1972.  It's an inside look at a
local radio program in progress.


Joy Boys Final Show  (Click on LINK at right)
Video of Final Joy Boys show at WRC Radio, 

Washington, DC

Ed and Willard met in college and have been the closest of friends ever since.

Ed was born blind.and 
told me once that according to his Mother,
his first spoken word was......"Radio."

Pray real hard for him!