Sunday, December 27, 2015

Keeping Up

Tom Mix and kid

My Tom Mix decoder ring was completely befuddled by I turned to the Internet...and voila...the code was broken....and now I can read my grandkids text messages!
Tom Mix Decoder Ring

   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z     

@TEOTDAt the end of the day
143I love you
2G2BTToo good to be true
404I don't know
4EAEForever and ever
A3Anytime, anywhere, anyplace
AAFAs a matter of fact
AAKAsleep at keyboard
AAMOIAs a matter of interest
AAPAlways a pleasure
AARAt any rate
AASAlive and smiling
ADNAny day now
AEAPAs early as possible
AFAIKAs far as I know
AFKAway from keyboard
AFPOEA fresh pair of eyes
AISBAs it should be
AKAAlso known as
ALCONAll concerned
AMLAll my love
AOTAAll of the above
ASAPAs soon as possible
ATAt your terminal
ATMAt the moment
AWOLAway without leaving
AYECAt your earliest convenience
AYORAt your own risk
AYSOSAre you stupid or something
AYTMTBAnd you're telling me this because
B4NBye for now
BAKBack at keyboard
BAUBusiness as usual
BBBe back
BBIAFBe back in a few
BBIAMBe back in a minute
BBIASBe back in a sec
BBLBe back later
BBQBe back quickly
BBSBe back soon
BBTBe back tomorrow
BCNUBe seein' you
BFBest friend
BDNBig damn number
BFNBye for now
BGBig grin
BGWMBe gentle with me
BFGBig  f***ing grin
BIOYNBlow it out your nose
BLNTBetter luck next time
BM&YBetween me and you
BOLBest of luck
BPLMBig person little mind
BRBBe right back
BRTBe right there
BTABut then again
BTDTBeen there, done that
BTWBy the way
CMIIWCorrect me if I'm wrong
CMONCome on
COBClose of business
C/PCross post
CRBCome right back
CRBTCrying really big tears
CUSee you
CUASee you around
CULSee you later
CUL8RSee you later
CWYLChat with you later
CYASee ya
CYOSee you online
DEGTDon't even go there
DIKUDo I know you?
DQMOTDon't quote me on this
DTSDon't think so
EBKACError between keyboard and chair
EGEvil grin
EMAE-mail address
EMFBIExcuse me for butting in
EMSGE-mail message
EODEnd of day
EOMEnd of message
F2FFace to face
F2TFree to talk
FBMFine by me
FCFingers crossed
FICCLFrankly I couldn't care a less
FISHFirst in, still here
FOMCLFalling off my chair laughing
FITBFill in the blank
FRTFor real though
FWIWFor what it's worth
FYEOFor your eyes only
FYIFor your information
G2CUGood to see you
G2GGot to go
G2RGot to run
GAGo ahead
GALGet a life
GBUGod bless you
GDRGrinning, ducking, and running
GD/RGrinning, ducking, and running
GFIGo for it
GGGotta Go or Good Game
GIARGive it a rest
GIGOGarbage in, garbage out
GLGood luck
GL/HFGood luck, have fun
GLNGGood luck next game
GMTAGreat minds think alike
GOIGet over it
GOLGiggling out loud
GR&DGrinning, running and ducking
GTGood try
GTGGot to go
GTRMGoing to read mail
H&KHugs & kisses
H2CUSHope to see you soon
HAGNHave a good night
HAGOHave a good one
HANDHave a nice day
HFHave fun
HHISHead hanging in shame
HOASHold on a second
HRUHow are you?
HTHHope this helps
IACIn any case
IANALI am not a lawyer
IBI'm back
IBI'm back
ICI see
ICBWIt could be worse
IDKI don't know
IDTSI don't think so
IDUNNOI don't know
IG2RI got to run
IIRCIf I remember correctly
ILBL8I'll be late
ILUI love you
ILYI love you
IMInstant message
IMHOIn my humble opinion
IMNSHOIn my not so humble opinion
IMOIn my opinion
IMSI am sorry
INALI'm not a lawyer
IOWIn other words
IRLIn real life
IRMCI rest my case
IUSSIf you say so
IYKWIMIf you know what I mean
IYOIn your opinion
IYSSIf you say so
JACJust a sec
JICJust in case
JJAJust joking around
JKJust kidding
JMOJust my opinion
JPJust playing
KISSKeep it simple, stupid
KITKeep in touch
KOCKiss on cheek
KOTCKiss on the cheek
KOTLKiss on the lips
KNIMKnow what I mean?
l33tLeet, meaning "elite"
LDLater, dude / Long distance
LERKleaving easy reach of keyboard
LMAOLaughing my a** off
LOLLaughing out loud
LTMLaugh to myself
LTNSLong time no see
LYLASLove you like a sis
MFIMad for it
MorFMale or female?
MoSMother over shoulder
MTFMore to follow
MTFBWUMay the force be with you
MUSMMiss you so much
MYOBMind your own business

...and finally...a bit of "text speak" I just made up:



Old People are just young people who have been living a long time.

N1Nice one
NBDNo big deal
NFMNone for me / Not for me
NIMBYNot in my back yard
NLTNo later than
NMNothing much / Never mind
NMHNot much here
NO1No one
NOYBNone of your business
NPNo problem
NRNNo response/reply necessary
NVMNever mind
NWNo way
NW)No way out
OICOh, I see
OMGOh my God
OMWOn my way
OOOver and out
OOHOut of here
OOTDOne of these days
OPOn phone
OTBOff to bed
OTLOut to lunch
OTOHOn the other hand
OTTOver the top
OTTOMHOff the top of my head
OTWOff to work
PCMPlease call me
PDQPretty darn quick
PLMKPlease let me know
PMPrivate Message
PMFIPardon me for interrupting
PMFJIPardon me for jumping in
POAHFPut on a happy face
POSParent over shoulder
PRWPeople/parents are watching
PTLPraise the Lord
PTMMPlease tell me more
PXTPlease explain that
PUThat stinks!
RLReal life
RPRole play
RMERolling my eyes
ROFLRolling on floor laughing
ROTFLRolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLUTSRolling on the floor laughing unable to speak
RSNReal soon now
RTFMRead the f***ing manual
RUOKAre you okay?
SALSuch a laugh
SCStay cool
SETESmiling Ear-to-Ear
SICNRSorry, I could not resist
SIG2RSorry, I got to run
SISSnickering in silence
SITStay in touch
SLAPSounds like a plan
SMHIDScratching my head in disbelief
SNAFUSituation normal all fouled up
SOSignificant other
SOLSooner or later
SOMYSick of me yet?
SOTMGShort of time, must go
SPSTSame place, same time
SSSo sorry
SSDDSame stuff, different day
SSINFSo stupid it's not funny
STWSearch the Web
SUITMSee you in the morning
SULSee you later
SUPWhat's up?
SYLSee you later
T+Think positive
TAThanks a lot
TAFNThat's all for now
TAMTomorrow a.m.
TBCTo be continued
TBDTo be determined
TBHTo be honest
TCTake care
TGIFThank God it's Friday
TIAThanks in advance
TIADTomorrow is another day
TLK2UL8RTalk to you later
TMBText me back
TMIToo much information
TMOTTrust me on this
TMWFITake my word for it
TNSTAAFLThere's no such thing as a free lunch
TPMTomorrow p.m.
TPTBThe powers that be
TSTBThe sooner, the better
TTFNTa ta for now
TTTTThese things take time
TTYLTalk to you later
TTYSTalk to you soon
TUThank you
TYThank you
TYTTake your time
TYVMThank you very much
UCMUYou crack me up
UGTBKYou've got to be kidding
UKTRYou know that's right
URYour / You're
UVUnpleasant visual
UWYou're welcome
VEGVery evil grin
VFMValue for money
VGCVery good condition
VIPVery important person
VMVoice mail
VSFVery sad face
WAMWait a minute
WAN2TLKWant to talk
WAYFWhere are you from?
W/BWrite back
WBWelcome back
WCWho cares
WCAWho cares anyway
WIBNIWouldn't it be nice if
WDALYICWho died and left you in charge
WDYKWhat do you know
WIIFMWhat's in it for me?
WISPWinning is so pleasurable
WITWWhat in the world
WIUWrap it up
WRTWith regard to
WOMBATWaste of money, brains and time
WRUDWhat are you doing?
WTBWanted to buy
WTFWhat the f**k
WTGWay to go
WTHWhat the heck? or What the hell?
WU?What's up?
WUCIWUGWhat you see is what you get
WUF?Where you from?
WWJDWhat would Jesus do?
WWYCWrite when you can
WYLEIWhen you least expect it
WYSIWYGWhat you see is what you get
YBSYou'll be sorry
YCMUYou crack me up
YGBKMYou've got to be kidding me
YKWYCDYou know what you can do
YMMVYour mileage may vary
YRYeah right
YRYOCCYou're running your own cookoo clock
YSYDYeah sure you do
YWYou're welcome
ZZZZSleeping (or bored)