Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Pieces of my Mind

The pieces I'm talkng about are those tiny bits of memory that float around in our brains that don't have a beginning or end like what most consider "memories;"  they're just tiny little things that never seem to go away.

In my case, there's one that goes back to the time I tried wearing a "man's hat" for the first time and my girlfriend said, "You look like a little boy playing man."

And  then there's the one about how "grown up" I felt in the 5th grade when my Mom bought me my first pair of "Knickers."

And another about how badly I botched the very first words I ever uttered on the radio at WGIV.....when trying to introduce....."the sentimental gentleman of swing"......Tommy Dorsy.

Lots of stuff like that floating around up there in my encephalon's grey matter.         

Mostly meaningless memory flakes.

But two are more disturbing, but not surprising. During my long broadcast career, I spent a fair amount of time up on "Capitol Hill" here in Washington, where, to borrow from the song, is "a big town, where I heard me some big talk."

One was a conversation I heard between a seasoned Senator and his staffer in the hall just before he entered the chamber to vote "in favor of funding" for a particular bill.   "Is the total, millions.....or billions?" I forget which the staffer said it was. It obviously didn't matter to the Senator either; he was going to vote for it.

The other "overheard conversation" that still swirls around in my brain is the one between two members of the "black caucus" who were bragging about, "It doesn't matter how much it costs. We can spend as much money as we want to."

Take my word, the mockngbird'll sing

the saddest kind o' song
and he knows things are wrong
and he's RIGHT. 
A worrsome thing that'll leave you to sing
The Blues in the Night.

  (Song-Blues in the Night- author Johnny Mercer)