Sunday, February 07, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday Again

Woody Robertson
It was Super Bowl Sunday four years ago, when my good friend and former TV director Woody Robertson passed away at age 78.  A sudden heart attack was the cause. Woody had been hired by the network for their Super Bowl coverage, to help coordinate TV player interviews with stations around the country. He was one of the best TV directors in the country as well a supremely competent administrator.

He was my Director on the morning interview show I hosted for WTOP-TV in the mid 60's, CADENCE. The show was 30 minutes in length, broadcast each weekday morning Monday through Friday. That doesn't sound like much work, but believe me, it was a full time job for several people; but especially Woody and me. Woody owned a yellow Cadillac in those days, and if the cliche goes...that car could talk..........

Well, actually, in this wouldn't be talking;  it would be laughing.

There were many times that Woody would meet and pick up celebrities who were to be interviewed on the show as well as escorting them after the show to their hotel or next appointment...This personalized service made a big difference in our getting more busy celebrities visiting our city than any other of the Washington stations.

I'll never forget that day after the show when I rode with Woody to drop our guest off at his hotel.  You may not remember him, but he was BIG back in the 60's. He was a Danish Comedian named Victor Borge. Back then just about everyone knew his name.

Unfortunately, there was one name Victor didn't remember:

the name of the hotel he had been registered in.

That sounds like a problem, right?

Nope.  What a blessing,....for Woody and me!

It was almost dark when we finally found the right hotel (remember, there were no cell phones then) and, sadly I might add, the most "laugh filled" day of our lives came to an end.

There was one serious topic Victor mentioned a couple of times, and that was his concern regarding his hands. They had been "bothering" him for about six months and of course he was concerned since the piano was such an important part of his success.
That was over 40 years ago, but like most of us, generally, the vast majority of our worries are about things that never happen.

Take a look at what his "old fingers" could do on his 80th birthday!