Friday, March 04, 2016

We Pause Now for....

One of my favorite people with whom I worked over my many years in Broadcasting was Don Richards.  

Don Richards 1958
I've posted excerpts from a couple of his "talks" at our old station reunions, and as you discovered, Don always had something interesting and humorous to talk about.

About 5 years ago, I got Don to sit down with Chuck Langdon, another old broadcaster friend, and me on the TV show Chuck and I have been hosting for the last 10 years, here in Northern Virginia called OUT OF THE PAST.

It occurred to me not long ago that none of the people entering the broadcast profession today have any idea of what the Radio of our youth (aka THE GOLDEN AGE OF RADIO) sounded like.  

Don and his significant other, Susan O'Kelly, have been demonstrating to fairly large audiences here what "Old" radio was like.

I think you'll enjoy this 4 minute video clip.

Don Passed away this morning.  He was 88.

Rest in Peace, old friend.