Monday, March 21, 2016

When the Swallows Come Back to ...

Oh, forget it.

San Juan Capistrano Mission

.They haven't returned to Capistrano for several years now.

They used to arrive every year on March 19th, but like a million similar minded human types...happiness is seeing THE GOLDEN the rear view mirror.

It doesn't take a genius to know why the swallows don't return to the Mission San Juan Capistrano anymore.  The brilliant "suits" there cleaned up the centuries old  stone rid of those dirty eyesore "nests" along the walls....and waited for the birds and the tourists to flock back every March 19th.

Neither did.

"Surprise, surprise," to quote Gomer Pyle.

As far as the humans bailing out, there are a myriad of reasons, high taxes, illegals, nutty government, nuts and flakes, etc, etc.......

All, reasons enough,  but the most convincing one in my opinion is.....

"Too many Priuses.....and Prius drivers,"...hands down the worst in the world.