Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I do that about once a week for my computer (PC).

I also do it for my brain.  The way I do that is with astronomy.  All I have to do is read about a half of page about "outer space and the stars and..." and my mind immediately starts to "boggle." It only takes about 5 minutes of this and, "voila," the mental defrag is complete.

"Pillars of Creation"
Like just about everything else, the news is both good and bad.

For example, today I discoverded that the PILLARS OF longer exist.


The Hubble telescope dscovered and photographed them in 1995 and they've been an inspiration to millions since then. 

And now, they're gone.

But the good news is that the "experts" didn't expect them to last very long anyway.  If there had been a photograph taken of Earth...from the PILLARS OF CREATION....we wouldn't exist either.

You see, the "Pillars" are 7,000 light years away from Earth. The picture that Hubble took is what the "Pillars of Creation" looked like in the year 4985 BC.  The mythical picture taken of the Earth would have shown it...also as it looked in 4985 BC.

The Astronomy article on the Internet explained that,

. "We see the Sun as it looked 8.5 minutes ago. If you were standing one foot in front of me, I would see you as you looked 1.01670336 nanoseconds ago, which is the time it would take for the light to reflect from your face to my pupil. While our brains live in their present, we see everything else in its past tense."

Are you "boggled" yet?


"Time is an illusion"

-Albert Einstein

(The Pillars are a combination of dust and gas which combine to eventually form new stars)