Friday, May 27, 2016


Car that Don Bought
Perhaps you've been following the saga about that 1952 Pontiac Chieftain, which was a carbon copy of my Dad's car that Don Nance's boys restored to its original appearance the day it rolled off the factory in Detroit.

What an accomplishment! What craftsmanship!

And they were rewarded a week or so ago by placing NUMBER

ONE ...FIRST PLACE!  in a major antique car show in Burlington, NC!  And that's about as easy as making a hole in one....the first time you ever hit a golf ball!

The judges inspect EVERYTHING on the car....including the make sure they are factory original....and the paint to determine if it's also the same as was when it originally left the factory.

Big Don and Little Don with NUMBER ONE  plaque and "Lazarus"

But Donny, Tommy, their friend Ricky Holmes and the rest of the Nance Boys did it!

The reason that old car was so special to Don and me, was because we spent so much time riding around in it.  We "double dated" in it a number of times, but mostly just "drove around....looking to impress the girls.  (We never did, but we sure enjoyed driving that thing.)

The first thought that came to my mind when I saw pictures of what that car looked like when Don first bought it a number a years ago...and what it looked like when his boys got through with it....was the old cliche, "From a sow's a gold purse."  I suggested to Don that he ought to name it "Gold Purse"...or something like that.

He said the boys had already named it, "Lazarus."  

Of course. I almost forgot........ they're the sons of a preacher man!


The Nance Gang.   Don said EVERYONE chipped in.

Proud Parents.   Don and Letty