Friday, May 13, 2016

World's Oldest Person Passes

Susannah Jones
According to CNN, Susannah Mushatt Jones, the world's oldest person, died in New York city Thursday night.
 She was 116.
Jones was born on July 6, 1899, in Lowndes County, Alabama, and her life spanned three centuries,  Her father was a sharecropper who supported his family by picking cotton.
She lived through 20 U.S. presidents, two world wars and the birth of the automobile, the airplane, TV and the Internet.
Jones attributed her longevity to sleep, clean living and positive energy.


Which reminded me of one of my favorite stories about a TV reporter, years ago, who was sent to interview a 100 year old man. 

He inquired of the man what his secret to living so long was.

"I never smoked....never cussed....fooled around with wild women...and, most importantly, never touched a drop of alcohol!

Suddenly, there was this loud crash.....from somewhere in the back of the house.

The reporter stopped his camera...and said..."What the Heck was that!"

The old man sheepishly replied, 

"Oh, I'm so embarrassed!  it's my father. He's drunk again!"