Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Forest Boy

Yamato Tahooka
Yamato Tanooka was the seven year old boy whose parents punished him for misbehaving by dropping him off in a dense forest, and driving off.

They left him there for almost a week.

Fortunately, the authorities found him before the bears, or other wild animals did and he's OK now.

Stories like that depress me, so I won't be looking for any "follow-up" reports about that......his parents will probably be honored as the "Parents of the Year" or something....whatever.

It reminded me of the story years and years ago,  concerning the infant  that was abandoned in the jungles of Peru.....and was raised by dogs. They found him when he was about the same age as little Tamato, 7 or 8....He didn't speak any words.....instead, he barked.

They brought him to "civilization" and soon afterward was not only speaking like a normal little boy, but was displaying unusual signs of brilliance.
Just a few years later, he had earned his high school GED......two years later he graduated from college.

Long story short, he went on to earn his PHD in record time and finally became a highly respected Professor at a major University.

Unfortunately, he was killed a few year later....

chasing a car.


(Sorry about that.  The Devil made me do it.  But the Forest Boy story is true.)