Monday, June 06, 2016

Neil Jones Passes

By Diana Carpenter White

Neil Jones 1954
Neil Jones died last night, Saturday, June 4.  He had been in Hospice in Monroe, Union County, since June 1, and before that he was in a care center; his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer was just a couple of weeks ago - and I checked with Holly, and she's okay for me to let you know (and Jerry Gaudet).   I talked to him briefly, late in May - he got suddenly exhausted, so we didn't get to talk long - a totally new experience for me with Neil!  Warren Sparrow has talked with him some (you remember Warren lost Becky, late in March, so this is especially painful for him), and Betsy Villas White, and Obie Oakley,and Mary Sue Banks Burnett - we handful keep in good touch with each other, and Neil was one of that group, sort of round-robin-y emails.  

O golly, the world became a duller place suddenly.