Wednesday, July 06, 2016

A couple of things:
We've been "pet less" here at the Shephard household every since our cat"Larry" died a few months ago.

Meanwhile, some bozo originally from Pakistan with more money than sense, and who also wants to give the "back of his hand" to some of the "hated" middle class Americans,  has chosen to purchase one of our 1969 built, modest homes...tear it down...and build one of those monstrous "Mac Mansions," right in the middle of our peaceful little slice of America.  It sticks up like a giant Italian Salute. (which, no doubt it is.)

Nothing I can do about it. Linda and I have decided long ago that we are here for the "duration."  Or until they build a 7-11 next door, whichever comes first.

Now, as far as choosing another replace Larry...I think I've made my decision.  Recently, new research has shown that these rascals have proven to be almost as smart as dogs, are affectionate and have over 10,000 years of experience co-existing with humans!

That's good enough for me.

And of course, I've never been one to want to emulate everyone I can soon join my "dog walking" neighbors every evening.

I can' wait to introduce them to "Mac" (short for McMansion). I have a feeling that he's going to like the grass in his namesake's yard and spend a lot of time there.
Mac the Goat

And. if this doesn't discourage future intrusion into our little slice of least Mac and I tried.


(The McMansion exists to separate and then celebrate the people who are wealthier than everybody else; this is the transcendent theme on which its crazy, discordant architectural features come harmonically together. This form of development wants nothing to do with the superficial community-mindedness of the postwar suburb, and the reason the giant house looks the way it does is to inform you of this. -Salon" )