Sunday, July 03, 2016

Young Whippersnappers

Frank Clontz
Those "younguns" over at the CHS class of 55 are doing a heck of a job keeping up with each other!

There's a lot of credit to go around for this, but a couple of the obvious "leaders" are Frank Clontz, Joan King and John Lomax.  Frank writes a monthly newsletter, shortly after their lunches at "Jimmies of Mint Hill" (just like ours...but on a different day of the month).

Their newsletter is a lot more "newsy" than ours...since your mild mannered editor, me, lives in Falls Church, VA and Frank (and wife Shirley) are in Charlotte, where all the "action" is.  I'm jealous, of course, but not resentful. Frank and I go a long way back...if fact, to my days at WGIV.  The first remote broadcasts that I ever did were in 1952 when I did a weekly show, live, from the Parker-Gardner record store in downtown Charlotte.  Frank worked there demonstrating pianos...and whenever, I ran out of things to say, (ad libs) I would point to Frank and he would start playing a tune on the piano.

Years later, when I was interviewing politicians up here in Washington....and they would "clam up" when asked a controversial question...I thought of Frank....and wished I could again point to him to fill the "dead air."
Alton Widenhouse

Anyway, I said all that to let you know that you can read Frank's newsletter at and even news that I missed. For example, Frank reported that Alton Widenhouse had a heart attack a few weeks ago...but is recovering nicely now.