Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Andrew Sullivan
I first Heard about a new fad in 2004 called "blogging."  A pioneer in that new fad was an English writer named Andrew Sullivan, who created one of the first in 2000.

 I did a little research and before I knew it, CHS54.net was born.
Slowly a few of you began to "tune in" and here we are 12 years later....well, some of us anyway.

Your friendly, handsome, fit as a fiddle modest webmaster is still enjoying writing and trying his best to keep in touch with his wonderful friends from those magic 1950;s  Charlotte and Central High School days.But, a few aches and pains and normal old age issues (nothing serious, thank God) are taking its toll.  Plus, as my physical body no longer bounces back from minor aches and pains, etc. like it used to,  my old wood burning computers are beginning to drain my bank account with aches and pains of their own.

"Blogging" is no longer a "fad."  In fact Andrew Sullivan gave it up 2 years ago. Most people have now turned to things like "Facebook," "Twitter"......and other means of communicating that I know nothing about.

The number of viewers have been declining regularly.....as my posts and updates have not been as regular as in the past.  The "Muse" doesn't seem to visit as often as before.....and Doctor's appointments, etc......have become a real nuisance.....there are days I don't get down here in the "Bat Cave" to up date the web site at all.

But, I plan to be here "for the duration."

I'm proud that you and I were among the first to participate in "Blogging"  (writing an reading)  and perhaps we'll also be among the last.

That's my hope.