Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Up Date on those Class of 55 Youngsters

We've got to admit that those kids of the CHS class of 55 are doing a darn good job of "sticking togeher" and keeping the friendships up after all these years.  Frank Clontz is one of the leaders of that bunch....and so is John Lomax.  John filled in for Frank this month and sent out this note to his Class of 55.

Since we all remember many of those youngsters....I though you'd enjoy reading their latest newsletter.


Dear CHS'55 Classmates,
Your newsletter editor Frank Clontz.  has been "under the weather" some this month but is at home now and doing well from what I hear.  Here are some highlights from our September 20, 2016, luncheon at Jimmie's Restaurant in Mint Hill.
  • Cards were sent to the following classmates:  Ann Holland Trammell, Tommy Graham, Frank Clontz, and Yvonne Doster Hutchinson. 
  • We were sorry to learn of that Jackie Hart Lookabill passed away in August.  She was in the class of 1954.
  • An old newspaper article that showed Billy Mills winning a cherry pie baking contest!  I believe Nancy House was a contender also. 
  • Jimmy Suit reported that Pat Newman has been in the hospital recently but is back to work now.
  • Ann Stack has had a second eye surgery. 
  • We were glad to see Nancy Thames at the luncheon. 
  • Joan had baked 40 small pecan pies that were served to the group complete with whipped cream! We are fortunate to have her as our  moderator each month.
Tommy English has kindly offered to have our "80th Birthday Party" at his home in May, 2017.  You might remember that we had a "70th Birthday Party" at Pat Beattys home in 2007.  More information will be upcoming about this event in future newsletters.

We hope that you can attend one of the luncheons which are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 11:30AM at Jimmie's Restaurant in Mint Hill.  The next luncheon will be on Tuesday, October 18, 2016, at Jimmies.