Saturday, October 29, 2016

I Can Hear it Now

Jim Kilgo
(The number ONE radio program we listened to while on dates ....or whatever we were doing driving around in our cars on "Big Ole Friday Date Nights" was "Kilgo's Korner" on WIST.

Kilgo continued to dominate the teen market at WSOC-TV, where he hosted a weekly "Dance Party."

Meanwhile, following Kilgo's Korner,  came "Raiford at Random" on WBT.

I was lucky enough to have worked with...and become friends...with both these fine men during my radio career.

Both of these "radio icons" are still around.  In fact, Raiford was still "on the air" until a little over a year ago, when he sufferred a stroke.)

Raiford's health continues to improve, and, in fact, he  called me the other night, and  sounded like........(almost) ....his old self!
  I immediately recognized the distinct voice that's been as much a part of Charlotte Radio (with a few interruptions)  as Red Eye Gravy is to grits! 

Even if he decides NOT to return to radio, Raiford, in my opinion will still be considered by historians (who keep track of such things) as one of the "KINGS" of the Charlotte Radio Hill.

And what a special group of performers that is:  Grady Cole, Ty Boyd, Doug Mays, Clyde McLean, Alan Newcomb, Jimmy Kilgo, etc..etc...
Bob Raiford

Don't be surprised if you turn on your radio some morning soon and hear a familiar voice.....
and wonder........"who said that?"

...and the voice comes back,  "I said that !  Robert D.Raiford."

(Raiford was host of one of the early "trend setting" talk shows....of the 60' WTOP Radio in Washington. when most stations were were  still "all music.")