Thursday, November 03, 2016

The Kilgo Connection

I  got lots of comments on the Jimmy Kilgo article.(See below)  I wasn't surprised. There were two local radio personalities  who "spoke to us" no others during our years at good old CHS:   Jimmy Kilgo on WIST....and "Genial Gene" on WGIV!

Bob Ellis sent me a nice note about his "Kilgo Connection:"

"Just read your piece on Jimmy Kilgo and Bob Raiford.   When I was at Central and old Charlotte College I would go to Kilgo's Korner 3-4 nights a week.   He was located on the 2nd floor of the Johnston Building.  Wilma was Jimmy's program director. On Friday and Saturday nights we would answer the phones taking music request.  Great way to meet girls.    Johnny Culp would sometimes come up .   I had become friends with Jimmy and John's younger brother Paul.   I think Paul and I met and became friends at one of the Central football games.   At the time Central had a great quarterback, but can't remember his name.   Mrs Kilgo lived on Carswell ( I think) about 1 block from Stanley Drugs.   Johnny Culp was the soda jerk at Stanley's while at Central or Charlotte College.   Has been so long ago that my mind (whats left of it) plays tricks on me. "