Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Lazarus Returns


"Lazarus," the beautifully restored 1952 Pontiac, brought back to life by Don and Letty Nance's talented boys. returned to it's former home (and later) resting place....for a brief victory lap.

Originally purchased by Don from its original owner, a resident of Graham, it was literally not much more than a pile of junk.  I don't remember now if Don told me he bought it for about 40 dollars, or if the man gave him 40 dollars to take it away.

Whatever,  I hope the poor man wasn't at the parade.....because he sure as heck will want it back!

Proudly riding the now classic work of restoration were 5 grandboys of CHS 54;s own Dr. Don Nance! a one time star lineman of the famous CHS54 Wildcat Football Dynasty.

According to tradition, the car's namesake....the Biblical Lazarus... never smiled during the thirty years after his resurrection, worried by the sight of unredeemed souls he had seen during his four-day stay in Hades. 

The only exception was, when he saw someone stealing a pot, he smilingly said: "the clay steals the clay." 

Well......spending 4 days in Hell.....might very well affect one's sense of humor.