Saturday, December 03, 2016

Roy Riegles and CHS 54

This New Year's Day, as you relax with family and friends and watch this year's Rose Bowl ...amaze your friends and relatives with your knowledge of  Rose Bowl History.


"I don't know nothing 'bout say.

"Ah....but you will," I  say.  "After you  read this. You will even realize that you have a connection!

OK, mister smart guy, convince me:

Mr. Smart Guy:  "You've heard of Roy Riegles, right?....the football player who ran the wrong way for an almost touchdown for the other team. That happened in the 1929 Rose Bowl."

Yeah, everybody knows that.  But, What in Heaven's name is my "connection" to that?

Mr. Smart Guy:  "It's elementary.  If someone on the Georgia Tech Team had not fumbled.....and in the confusion...Riegles had not picked that ball up and run the wrong way....You would never have heard of "Wrong Way Riegles."

You have a point.  But what the Heck has that got to do with this website.......which is supposed to be about Charlotte Central High School and the class of 1954?

Mr. Smart Guy:  Well, fortunately, the answer is found in an obscure footnote to history which names the unsung hero of one of football's best known events.

OK, OK....already. What was his name?

Mr. Smart Guy   They called him "Stumpy."  Stumpy Thomason.

His son, Johnny was in your class of 1954.
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