Friday, February 24, 2017

Over Reach

Maybe that's just one word....overeach...Maybe that's two words, Over Reach.....Whatever, we all know what it means. Barack Obama and the Dims tried to force unisex bathrooms in public schools on us.....Thank God, Trump has overturned that insanity.

My hope for our country is that for the sane members in our society continue to outnumber the freaks and mentally deranged.  However, never in a thousand years did I ever think that the two sides of sanity would ever get this close.  I remember in JFK's time, the political gurus pretty much agreed that 20 % of the population were card carrying it was useless trying to appeal to them.  Now that number is at least 40%....perhaps even higher.

Now, that would be OK.............we could live with that....'s obvious that more and more of our elected "leaders".....are members of that 40%.

Exhibit A....Maxine Waters, John Lewis ( who said that the island of Guam was in danger of tipping over because of increasing population.).......