Saturday, February 04, 2017

Sonny 2

Sonny passed away ...peacefully in his bed...almost 20 years ago. 

The odds of that happening  were astronomical.  They were overwhelming that Sonny would eventually meet his maker while driving erratically in the streets of Washington, DC.

The dictionary should have Sonny's picture next to the definition of 'Nerds on the highway."

One night he called me and mentioned that he had gone through Thomas of the many "circles" in Washington....most of which have statues of American Heroes in the middle.

I thought he meant he went through the Red Thomas Circle.

Nope.  instead of following the traffic around the circle....he went over the curb...and on the grass...THROUGH the circle.

How he missed hitting the statue....I'll never know.

Once, he told me that the DC police had invited him to come down to headquarters to discuss a citizen's complaint...which claimed that Sonny's car had side swiped a car parked legally on Massachusetts Ave.   

As the police read over the complaint to Sonny.....the officer.....paused....and said, "Wait a minute,...."this said the damage to his car was on the RIGHT side.  That's ridiculous....this report is obviously phony.  Sorry to have bothered you, sir. You're free to go."

It never occurred to him that Sonny regularly spent a good deal of time driving on the sidewalks of the Nation's Capitol.  The hotel, where he worked, banned him from parking in their garage...because he had hit the same post so many times.

I was with him once when he got a call from his insurance company informing him they were rejecting his latest claim.

Sonny was irate.  He let them know in uncertain terms that he was their "best customer."...and he just might cancel his policy.

I don't know what the reaction was on the other end.