Sunday, February 05, 2017

Sonny 3

A week after Sonny's death, I got a call from one of his uncles inviting me to meet at Sonny's house for an informal "goodbye." to my friend of almost 40 years.  He explained that there would only be a few relatives and Sonny's friends attending.

There were 6 aunts and uncles there.

And me.

I had been Sonny's only friend.  At least, who cared enough to attend his "goodbye" event.

He had been a good soul, but not one who made friends easily.  It required a lot of patience to understand him...and overlook his physical ...and "off and on"...mental......shortcomings.

It appeared to me that even his relatives, like many others, simply "wrote him off."

None were apparently aware of his accomplishments.  

So.....those of you who know me....won't be surprised to learn that was my cue to begin to "speechify."

I spoke of his  success in teaching himself electronics....told about his founding a successful recording studio....achieving the rare honor of producing a top selling pop hit.....and concluded with  "Sonny  accomplished MORE.......with the tools he was given....(by God) than anyone else I have known."

The small gathering of his relatives were amazed,  They knew none of that.

Rest in Peace, Sonny.


(My friendship with Sonny was not a one way street. Over the years his electronic advice and expertise proved invaluable to me the company I finally retired from. Sonny also gave me several pieces of expensive equipment and microphones when he dissolved his recording studio, which played no small part in the success of my company.)