Sunday, February 05, 2017

They Are At It AgAin

The birds, that is.

This is the time of the year they change their tunes, Same birds, just a different "tune".......

The reason they do this is not because of the temperature change (usually it's getting colder this time of year) But....because of the extra daylight.  We mere humans can't distinguish that the daylight is getting "longer".....But the birds can!

Image result for winter birds

This is the kind of thing old codgers like myself....never noticed or even thought about back during our stress filled "working days."

And that's a damm shame. 

I feel blessed that the Good Lord has let me live long enough to contemplate and appreciate the many small blessings of this old world that I was too "busy" to think about before.

But still......there are so many things, large and small, that our tiny human brains will never understand....until perhaps that final bell rings....

like, "Why roaches?"