Saturday, March 25, 2017

"How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

"...Practice, man, practice!"

From that old joke, to actual reality for CHS 54's own Don Nance!

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By Letty Nance

Since Don was 13, singing in the middle school choir and taking voice lessons, he dreamed of singing on the stage of Carnegie Hall in NYC.  That dream came true last Monday night!  He has been singing with the Wytheville Community College Choir for several years now.  The choir was invited by the Manhattan Concert Productions to sing with choirs from all over the U.S. and a 30 member chamber orchestra in Carnegie Hall.  The piece was written by Dan Forest, a 39 year old musical genius from Bob Jones University.  “JUBILATE DEO”  (Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth!) from Psalm 100 was the main piece WCC Choir sang for the winter concert last November.  It was beautiful then, but magnificent when done by 200 voices.  It lasted about 45 minutes, then there was a standing ovation with the command for an encore!

We had the privilege of meeting Dan Forest, the composer and his family in the lobby after the performance.  I told him that God had blessed him with a special talent, and I had been blessed by hearing it.

That 81 year old husband of mine has now checked off one on his bucket list.  God continues to send unexpected blessings.  We are both grateful for having had such a wonderful experience.
One more thing, the performance will be shown on PBS channel, if I learn when it airs I will let you know.


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Don is second from row.