Wednesday, March 08, 2017

In Order to Get My Drivers License...

I had to prove that I couldn't see out of one eye!

Say What?

Image result for charlotte nc dmvYep,   That's true. Read on........

It was 1952 and the day had finally arrived.  The one, that, wthout a doubt, was the most important birthday of my life! 

Number 16! 

The age at which it could become legal to drive!

All others pale after that one. And my guess is that most of you card carrying members of the "silent generation" feel the same way.  I'm sure the boys do...and probably the girls too.

That was the one        I believe that most dramatically marked the end of our childhood and the beginning of adulthood. The wonderful music of those car keys...rattling in our pockets...was number one ....on our  hit parade of 1952...and for many years afterward.

But, it almost didn't happen.

At least not without a fight.

My Dad and I were the the first ones in line at the DMV that morning.  There are still wrinkles on my face caused by an acute attack of angleman syndrome.  (excessive smiling).

The written test was a piece of cake.  The road test was a breeze.

Finally, the eye test.........

Well, this was when the goofy smile on my face came crashing down.

I failed.

However, the DMV official explained that....there was still a possibility that I could get special permission to drive....with  proper documentation  from  a qualified eye specialist.  There was an "exception" for "one eyed" persons, for which I qualified.  I was born with one almost perfect eye and one which was very weak,  (not correctable with classes). 

With persistence, my Dad was able to arrange for an eye specialist  to check me out and sign the proper forms and get me back to the DMV before they closed.

I think I got the last license issued that day.

That was my introduction to the wonderful world of bureaucracy.
You see, it was perfectly legal for a "one eyed" person to obtain a drivers license in North Carolina. However, I had to have a note from a Doctor...stating that I really......couldn't see out of one eye!

( A note from a Doctor confirming that I can't see?)

"It;s an ill wind that blows no good."

So...I thought, at least maybe this will keep me from being drafted! 

Nope.  They were drafting one eyed men (popeyes) regularly.  The only restriction was.....they could never be promoted to officers.

Oh great....two years as a "grunt!"

I'm still looking for some good wind from that pain in the butt "blow"my way, but right now all I see in the next few years regarding the DMV is ...who the Hell knows.

One thing for won't be anything that keeps idiots, fools and nerds from getting drivers licenses.  Just look around.