Thursday, April 13, 2017

The LIst

By Jerry Gaudet

At "LDL" today, we recognized classmates who have recently passed away.  This led to some conversation about others who have passed, totaling 112.  Here is the list:

FirstName MiddleName LastName Married Remarks
James Kenneth Allison
Judith Ann Anderson Fainberg Died 11/17/14, suffered Rheumatoid Arthritis, sister Jane Anderson,per Peggy Bedsol Gandy
Nancy Ann Aughtry Kinley Died 11/12/07 (cancer?)
John Earl Ballard John died 7/4/09, Melanoma
Bobby Wallace Benton Died 4/19/2014.
Charles Leroy Berry Died 2/26/04.
Paul Everette Biles died about 1998 of IUP (a lung disease) according to daughter, Tina Ayers, 
James Leroy Boone Murdered in a housebreaking robbery, per John Ballard.
Elizabeth Lee Bowers Shue Died 7/6/16 while in rehab following open heart surgery, 4 bipasses & valve
Mary Carolyn Brakefield Pinner Died 8/31/08 of pancreatic cancer. Peggy Phipps had contact.
Ben Joseph Broadway Died 2/17/09 of complications from COPD.
James Edward Brown Died 10/11/15, pneumonia in additional to other health matters
Mary Glenn Bunn James Died 4/24/1313.
Alma Leona Burton Stevenson Cancer
Frank Busby
Carolyn Webb Byrum Nisbet Died 2/16/08, from broad complications of diabetis.
William Lee Cahoon
Maxine Henriette Carpenter Morrow Died 1/7/99, according to Shirlene
William Ray Carriker Died 2/9/13
Dale Hilliard Cato Boschetti Died in summer of 1995, recurrance of breast cancer.  
Donald Bundy Cooke Carolyn Keziah Hudspeth thinks killed in auto accident in FL.
John Wayne Crockett
Joan Marlene Dalton Garrick Died 5/27/06.
Nancy Louise Davis Nixon Died in 1997 +-, per Anna Lynn Kearse.
Margaret Anne Disher Price
Gordon Luther Edwards
Thomas Lee Ferriot Died 11/10/96
Charles John Fodel
Millie Eloise Fogle Stanton Died 9/29/10, Periteneal cancer
Ronald Edward Foster Died 1/27/96.
Linda Gayle Garmon Huggins
Nancy Lee Gibson Tomlinson Died 4/2/10, cancer & COPD, Married Howard Tomlinson 2/26/05
Jack Nance Gillis
Dennis Leon Gregg Died July 6, 2012 after long decline from Alzheimer's
Robert Love Gregory Jim Cook understands he took his own life.
James Conrad Grimes
Glenna Jean Grogg Crawford Cancer
Charlotte Hardee Bethea Died 10/24/09, presumed cancer
Ralph Lee Harkey
Grady Mack Harmon
Donald Thomas Harris Died 2/7/08 of damaging effects of diabetes. 
Thelma Jacqueline Hart Lookabill Died 8/23/16 in an auto crash
Wayne Frances Hart Moore
Raymond Thomas Hasty Died 2/21/05.
Ann Ruth Henson Boyd
Norman Jay Hexamer Died in December, 1959.  (per Herb Mckinnell, Bob Dodge)
William Martin Hill Died 3/24/17, after long battle from a stroke
John Hondros Died 5/8/03, according to Mary Renfrow.
Frederick Earl Howard Died 11/21/89
William Marion Huntley Died 5/4/05, heart attack
Wade Hampton Ison
Frederick O'Neil Jones Died 6/4/16, pancreatic cancer, Mrs Holly Jones, 322 Westover Drive, Asheville, NC 28801
Harry Motte Joyner
Carolyn Cline Keziah Hudspeth Died 8/24/15, long illness of rare blood disease
Edwin Whitson King
Joel Lemuel Kirkley
Dorothy Anne Kirkpatrick Smarr Died 12/30/08.
Mary Lee Smith Kiser Ellen Abernethy Bates says she died sometime in the 1956-58 from lymphatic cancer.
Derek V. Knell Died 10/23/03, following heart attack.
Jerry Vincent Ledwell Died 7/12/03, heart attack.
Nellie Leventis Boudoucies Died 10/30/10.
Doy Kenneth Lim, aka Arthur Lin Died 7/2/16, think of cancer
Ronald Richard Little SSDI Index search suggests that he passed 7/22/1997
Ewell C. Madden Died 6/20/03.
Margaret Ellen Malone Broome Died 8/16/16, cancer
Charles Harry Mateer Shot down while flying a helicoptor mission in Laos on May 29, 1961
Benjamin Marvin Matthews Died 3/8/10.
Barbara Ann McCall McCall Bob Ellis thinks Barbara Ann McCall passed on 1-24-13
Winifred Churchwell McCall Died in 1984.
Shirley McClanahan Maynor Died 9/26/10, cancer spread to brain
Anna Shirlene McGill Yeargins Died 12/27/12, recurring cancer
Julia Margaret Miller Ellen Abernethy Bates says died from cerebral hemorage within a couple of years of our graduation.
Bradford Donald Mills Died 9/23/00, cancer
Carolyn Stieger Minogue Meacham Died 9/20/06
Sharlene Elizabeth Morris Lightfoot Died 9/30/05, suicide, according to Jane Hoke Bultman & Judy Anderson Fainberg.
Samuel Ernest Phipps Died on 1/15/04, following a massive stroke.
Frances Irene Plyler Best Died 10/11/10.
Ricky James Pope Died 2/29/08, brain cancer
Nancy Kathleen Poplin Died 4/25/16
Frances Eloise Pounds Brooks Ellen Abernethy Bates thinks she passed 9/23/86.
Charles Douglas Presson Died 1/1/08 of pancreatic cancer.
Larry Ray Price Died 10/17/06, Alzheimer's.
George Daniel Randle, III
Harold Foster Reames Died in explosion & fire in his paint store.
Sylvia Ann Reese Plyler Died 12/7/15
Calix Lee Reneau passed away peacefully at his home June 20, 2011
Daniel Snowhill Richards 7/29/06, Bonson & Ann think Dan passed about 10 years ago.
Joseph Edward Riggs
Grace Eugenie Robertson McLendon
Lewis Earl Robinson Willis Rimmer reported Lewis died 5/28+-.
Nancy Donave Ross Stegall Died 3/6/13, Heart valve, Pronounced "Donna-vie"
Larry Fred Russell Died 6/24/03, cancer
Annie Jean Saxon Saxon Died of cancer.
Nancy Sue Scott Wilson Daughter called 9/6/03, Nancy passed away in 2001.
Ernest Lee Shaver Died 4/12/13, See Hilda Beckham Shaver for contact information.
Bobby Russell Small Died 11/17/02, kidney failure following transplant.
Wilson Maurice Snell Died 11/18/15.  Suffered parkensins
Guy Vasser Soule Died 10/16/06, of congestive heart failure.
George W. Spittle
Richard Meredith Stowe Died 1/4/16, liver, heart diabetis problems, Janice McRorie 704/564-7417
Margaret Ellen Strawn Bryan Died in 1975.
John Orville Summey Died 12/28/13
Patsy Ann Sustar McSwain Died 3/29/17 after a very long illness
Susie Juanita Swindler
Carolyn Wayne Taylor Richards
John Anthony Thomas Died 4/20/2012 of multiple health issues
Charles Threatt Died 4/4/16.  Betty Shue informed me
Robert Lee Tribble III passed away 07 DEC 2007.  Frank Clontz informed us.
Wade Edward Turner apparently died 7/6/10
Jerry N. Walker Died 1/24/00.
Donna Lee Waltz Beard died 4/9/12.
Betty Lee Wells Poplin Died in 10/18/04. per her daughter Marsha Brackett, 704/545-5083, son Marshall Poplin, 704/545-8266.

Should any of you have additional information about any of these above, or any overlooked, please share with me.