Monday, April 24, 2017

UP Date from Ellouise

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Ellouise and her 1929 Flag
 - - these days my head is in the days of World War One.  The story I am telling most is about World WarOne. I especially love the story of the John Hopkins nurses and its a good thing because others love it too and they are scheduling it. I have entered the Capital Fringe again this year -- with a few  surprises - 7 performances  - - -  in a nice theater at Gallaudet University which requires that all the performances have an ASL signer. The good thing is that the 7 are all scheduled while it is still light outside.

In November I will be telling the story of the Hopkins nurses in Anderson, SC.
One of the Hopkins nurses is from Anderson. Two years ago when I was telling at a festival there I went to her grave and was sad to see that there was nothing on her foot stone to identify her as a WWI Veteran ( they all are - because they were all Army nurses) - so when they asked me to come back I told the Library about this. They too felt something had to be done and they have added a ceremony involving the American Legion to place a marker at her grave. I am sure I will cry,

One bit of Charlotte WWI trivia - John Walter Cobb, Charlotte native and my grand-uncle - is buried in France. He died 6 days before the Armistice - Spanish Flu swept through - anyway - last week, my cousin sent me a terrific surprise. 
Displaying Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 8.25.33 AM.pngCleaning out old boxes of his mother's - he found a silk flag and a medal given to her grandmother (our great grandmother) when she went to France as a Gold Star Pilgrim in 1929 - to visit Walter's grave. In his note he said, "There must be a story in these."
There is. Inspired by my aunt Catherine 20 years ago, John Walter is the reason I began checking out WWI in the first place. Now I am back to him. I keep saying I am going to visit his grave - I hope I do.

Love to you all.