Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wow! And...we're still here!

Image result for great depressionWhat a ride!

It began like a cheap novel. "It was a dark and gloomy night." When our journey began, and the odds that it would be a long trip were not in our favor. The great depression was still in full swing...with no end in sight. Life expectancy was 56.

.Imminent disaster was never very far away ; war, disease,...In 1936 as many as 4,500 children died under the age of one, while in 2010 the figure was only 138. 

Our surviving, and our parents winning WW2 was very much in doubt in 1941 and 42.

Polio had killed thousands of children in the 50's.....The Leading cause of death in 1936 was the flu....which killed thousands more.

According to statistics we octogenarians have about 9 years left. In football's "fourth and nine." That's like the time it took to go from the first grade to the 9th grade...that's a pretty long time.

Chances of our making any long term contributions to the human race in that time are pretty slim. Hell, our making any great contribution during our lifetimes were never very great. So relax, chill spite of our unrealistic ambitions of youth...., we were just pretty much average Americans...all along.

And what a great blessing that was!

Enjoy the rest of the game.